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Getting To Know “YOU” Seminar


GETTING TO KNOW “YOU!” – Connecting With Your Inner Self and Improving Your Relationship with Yourself and Others WHEN AND WHERE: Saturday 09/22/18 12:00PM – 2:00PM Vessels of Honour Church, Inc. 10055 N. Wauwatosa Road (same as North 76th Street) Mequon, WI 53097 Sign Up For A Discount On Our WOMEN'S Live Empowerment Event With Dr. Brenda Bowers - Teaching Life Changing Christian Principals At The Certification Level To Benefit Your Life With Exponential Growth And Changing Your World One Moment At Time! • Are you tired of looking in the mirror and wondering whose looking back at you? • Do [...]

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A Word for YOU


A Word for YOU When you’re presented a blue sky with one cloud what do you see? Do your eyes focus on the sky only or does it laser on the cloud in the sky? There is no right answer but your response does provide insight for how your process information. Are you by design a problem solver? If so, you will see the cloud and wonder why it is there; whether or not rain is on the way: what’s the cause of the anomaly in the midst of clearness? Are you a natural opportunist? As such, you see all [...]

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Mentoring that Matters


MENTORING THAT MATTERS MANY SAY THEY MENTOR BUT DOES THEIR MENTORING REALLY MATTER? Mentoring is only as good as the commitment of both the mentor and the mentee. This teach-sheet provides the TOP 10 list for mentors and the TOP 10 list for mentees that I have found over time to be the necessary essentials for both parties in the dynamic mentoring relationship. Before I share the two sets of TOP 10 essentials, here are the key definitions and thoughts: MENTORING is a relationship that involves a mutual commitment between two people to transfer wisdom and insights from one person [...]

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